15 Criteria for Drug Risk Aversion

Pharmacies on December 1st of this year, it is not easy to open a pharmacy, it is easy to block things by accident, or to be sued by customers because of drug use, or because the inspection is an FDA revocation certificate.

Pharmacies on December 1st of this year, it is not easy to open a pharmacy, it is easy to block things by accident, or to be sued by customers because of drug use, or because the inspection is an FDA revocation certificate.
Here, the editor summarizes the risks of pharmacies to avoid 15 standards for your reference:
sales of prescription drugs
1. Ask the customer to issue a prescription. Prescription drugs are sold with prescriptions, but it is still more difficult to actually sell them. But anyway, in any case as far as possible to check before the sale, who knows buying pharma customers, or visiting reporters without notice?
Antibiotics alone cannot be combined with it. You try, sometimes there are better places to go than a single use, sometimes it's just psychological effects, can't say no. In addition, antibiotics and other drugs should not be mixed with traditional Chinese medicine formulas as much as possible.
3. Avoid drug "comparisons". It is often necessary to learn more about drug expertise, in relation to sales, in combination, without making low-level mistakes.
4. Be sure to inform clients about side effects. After taking the drug, the patient must be informed about matters, side effects, allergic reactions, and if possible, and then leave as much evidence as possible. There has been a lot of people not notified of side effects because of the stall thing!
5. Pregnant women and children must be reminded to take medication. Customers buying medicines must ask the crowd, if it is pregnant women or children, children trying to open children's medicines, pregnant women, then look at the instructions and make appropriate reminders.
The risk of infusion is too great, and it is within our ability. There are infusion service pharmacies in some areas, but the risk is high and there will be allergies. After all, the professionalism and equipment are not as good as the hospital. Do not simply ask about the drug treatment of allergy history, and generally the site of drug infusion is not infusion. It is more difficult to deal with reactions.
7. Traditional Chinese medicine, health care products as much as possible with big manufacturers. Traditional Chinese medicine and health care products sometimes have good effects, but be careful of their temperament, and you can't use big manufacturers.
flight inspection
Eight licensed pharmacists were off duty when they were not selling prescription drugs. It is not, and it also wears the brand of "Practice pharmacists are not on duty, sales of prescription drugs are suspended".
9. The quality controller of the pharmacy can ensure the computer management system. It should be noted that the person in charge of quality fails to perform his duties, does not understand what computer system software the company uses, and cannot log in to the computer management system, which has caused a high incidence of withdrawals.
10. Drugs must be stored in appropriate warehouses according to temperature and humidity requirements. Large quantities of drug and non-drug stores cannot be mixed. The computer system checks the inventory of drugs and the actual inventory one by one to ensure that the drug inventory status table and the actual drug inventory can correspond.
11. When purchasing medicines, you must ask for an invoice and make a record of the invoice. Make sure that the purchase of medicines with the goods counterpart does not include a single library stamp. Ensure electronic monitoring of stored data for purchases and sales in accordance with regulations. The purchase of medicines must be the first corporate audit.
12. Pay attention to filling in the manufacturer of Chinese medicine tablets in the record. The storage of traditional Chinese medicines must comply with GSP regulations. To operate Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicine enterprises, it is necessary to set up Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese medicine tablet warehouses.
13. The cold chain system of medicines must always be kept in accordance with normal standards. Cold chain medicines take measures to ensure the temperature control requirements of medicine temperature during transportation in pharmacies. Shallow library maintenance personnel can effectively control the temperature of the warehouse as required, and health care products and medicines cannot be mixed.
14. Comply with local government regulations. During the celebration activities, pharmacies must carefully understand the regulations of the local government and abide by them. The number of gifts required in certain places, and in some areas before the campaign, in short, is only based on compliance.
15. Avoid crowded events. Promotion, design better passages, facilitate customers, guide in advance, prevent congestion and accidents. Consider scenarios like how people line up, go to store directions, flow control, etc.