Technological innovation is the driving force for the sustainable development of enterprises

In recent years, the medical reform has continued to deepen, and the state has continued to increase financial investment to support the infrastructure construction of medical and health institutions, and vigorously develop medical services.

In recent years, the medical reform has continued to deepen, and the state has continued to increase financial investment to support the infrastructure construction of medical and health institutions, and vigorously develop medical services. As an important support point of the medical service system, the medical device industry has a development prospect that cannot be underestimated. As an indispensable equipment in hospital radiology department, digital X-ray system (DR) has benefited from the release of huge demand in primary medical institutions, which has continuously stimulated the DR industry to develop faster. As a leader in China's DR industry, Shenzhen Anjian Technology Co., Ltd. follows the development trend of the industry and writes a new chapter in China's digital medical imaging industry through continuous innovation of technology. At this year's CMEF Shenzhen Medical Expo, our reporter Zhang Xue interviewed Mr. Zhang Yifei, Chief Operating Officer of Shenzhen Anjian Technology Co., Ltd., to understand how Anjian Technology has grown from an obscure small company ten years ago to an industry leader. Hard work!

Zhang Xue: Anjian Technology has developed rapidly in recent years, and has become a leading brand in the medical sub-industry, the DR industry. Today, I have the honor to interview Mr. Zhang. I would like to ask Mr. Zhang to comment on the development process of Anjian Technology. Let me introduce.

Mr. Zhang: Anjian Technology was established in 2002. At that time, the radiological imaging equipment of domestic hospitals was almost monopolized by foreign imported products. The founder of Anjian Technology started hard work with the dream of building a Chinese national medical device brand. At the beginning of the business, most of the company's members were technical R&D personnel, mainly providing core components for some international medical companies at that time. After years of dedicated research by R&D personnel, we broke through the biggest problem of DR equipment and successfully independently developed and produced China's first product. set up a DR detector, and then the company moved to the role of a DR equipment manufacturer.

After becoming a DR manufacturer, Anjian Technology is not satisfied with the status quo and has increased investment in research and development. After more than ten years of intensive cultivation in this industry, Anjian Technology has accumulated more than 50 related intellectual property rights in the basic field of digital medical imaging equipment. , mastered the key technologies in the field of digital medical imaging, including all core technologies such as detectors, high voltages, racks and software; In 2008, Anjian Technology was invited to become the drafting and calibration unit of China's DR industry standards, marking Anjian Technology Majors in the field of DR have been unanimously recognized by the academic community. In addition to making breakthroughs in technology, Anjian Technology has created the most professional production system. Not only has it built the largest DR detector manufacturing base in Asia, but the annual production capacity of DR machines has exceeded 2,400 units. For 10 years, a manufacturing team dedicated to producing only DR has laid a solid foundation for product quality. As of March 2014, Anjian Technology has produced a full range of DR products, including conventional DR, breast DR, and multi-functional DR. There are as many as 28 registered machine models, far ahead of other brands in the industry. In the industry, due to the long product registration cycle, the registration certificate is also a productive force, and it has also become our advantage over other manufacturers.

It is based on the above reasons that Anjian Technology has used more than ten years of obscurity in exchange for the deep recognition of end customers. In 2013, Anjian Technology's DR sales and annual installed capacity both won the top of the industry, and it has become a real leader in the medical imaging industry. brand.

Zhang Xue: We know that Anjian Technology is a technology-based company, and Anjian Technology advocates a culture of innovation. May I ask Mr. Zhang, how does Anjian Technology achieve continuous innovation, and how does your company integrate innovation into products?

Mr. Zhang: We believe that technological innovation is the driving force behind the development of an enterprise, and only technological innovation can develop new innovative products that conform to the development trend of the times. Anjian Technology has been relying on technology to conquer the world since its establishment, and technology leadership has always been the core competitiveness of Anjian Technology. As a technology-oriented company, Anjian Technology has an engineer culture in its bones. The core of engineer culture is to inspire technical R&D personnel to create inspiration and encourage them to continue to innovate. Therefore, we can see that Anjian Technology constantly has new technological products in the market to attract the attention of industry experts.

Recently, the company's new multi-functional dynamic DR is the main representative of Anjian's innovative spirit. In order to better meet the market demand, Anjian Technology has continuously carried out technological innovation, and independently developed the first dynamic DR that integrates multiple functions in China. In response to the low utilization rate of medical equipment and the outstanding situation of some equipment being idle, innovatively proposed "Multi-purpose" solution. The specific performance is that a dynamic DR machine has multiple uses, and can meet the functions of digital photography, digital fluoroscopy, digital gastrointestinal, and digital imaging at the same time. The dynamic image and real-time image playback function allows doctors to observe the image repeatedly and capture the best image. At the same time, Anjian Dynamic DR also has the biggest bright spot, that is, the whole body stitching technology adopts seamless fusion processing technology, and the stitched images are smooth and smooth. Naturally, it can meet the application of clinical surgery in tertiary hospitals.

So far, this multi-functional dynamic DR technology is only mastered by Siemens, Shimadzu and Anjian Technology in the world, and it belongs to the world's leading technology. These world-leading achievements are the result of our company's more than ten years of hard work. Watered by hard work and sweat. In the process of new technology research and development, we know how important technological innovation is to an enterprise. We also deeply feel that science has no shortcuts on the road of product technology innovation and product technology research and development. Only one step at a time and doing things in a down-to-earth manner is the only way for the development of enterprises to be realistic.

Zhang Xue: Anjian Technology has made very gratifying achievements in product innovation. I would like to ask Mr. Zhang, how does your company ensure the quality of new products delivered?

Mr. Zhang: We believe that quality is the life of an enterprise. First of all, all employees of the company have formed a high degree of unity in thinking, and regard quality as the bottom line of our business operations, which cannot be trampled on. A company cannot sacrifice quality for profit. A company without quality cannot have long-term profits. If a company wants to do it for ten years or a hundred years, it must strictly control the quality. A single quality problem can destroy years or decades of precipitation, so we attach great importance to quality problems. Secondly, we rely on strict rules and regulations to check the quality. Just relying on ideological attention cannot eliminate quality problems, and we must formulate strict systems and abide by rules and regulations. As we all know, China's DR industry standards are drafted by us, and our corporate standards are stricter than national standards when implementing them. Finally, the quality of the product is monitored throughout the entire process. From the R&D design stage to the final delivery, we have layers of inspections and checks, including our strict system certification for upstream suppliers, etc., through layer-by-layer checks , we can guarantee the factory level of the whole product.

Zhang Xue: Anjian Technology proposes "service to create a brand", and the industry also recognizes the service of Anjian Technology. How does Mr. Zhang understand the meaning of "service to create a brand"?

Mr. Zhang: I have always believed that physical products are only a part, and services are always the embodiment of the value of products purchased by customers. In the medical field, many companies regard service as a means of making profits, especially many imported brands, which incorporate after-sales service into their profit range. Some companies may not be too expensive to sell products, but they charge expensive for later services. These The high post-maintenance costs of imported brands will eventually be passed on to patients. This will lead to higher medical expenses for Chinese people, which is detrimental to the improvement of the health level of the entire Chinese people. "Service creates a brand" is the slogan put forward by Anjian Technology. Its core value is to allow users to use Anjian Technology products with confidence. In the end, users only pay attention to two things: first, whether the product can be innovative, and second, can you let me use this product with confidence. The so-called safe use of this product, the most important thing is whether your service is guaranteed. Based on this, Anjian Technology has formulated a reasonable price in terms of service cost standards, breaking the high maintenance service fees of monopoly product companies; at the same time, as the only manufacturer with a free 5-year detector warranty, Anjian Technology has rewritten the core of the entire industry The warranty period of parts has rewritten a new chapter of maintenance and warranty services in the medical industry. In our opinion, compared with foreign imported brands, local enterprises have incomparable advantages such as distance and labor costs. Service is also a manifestation of strength for national enterprises. Therefore, "service to create a brand" is the firm choice of Anjian Technology!

Zhang Xue: Finally, please talk about the gap between Anjian technology products and international advanced products? What is the strategic goal of Anjian technology development in the future?

Mr. Zhang: At present, there is a certain gap between us and international famous brands. It is mainly reflected in the perception and experience of customers. Imported brands, especially international leading companies, have accumulated for decades or even hundreds of years, and have a deeper understanding of product concepts than we do. In terms of technology, domestic leading brands have basically mastered the technical capabilities, and our products can also meet the basic needs of hospitals, but our product experience is not delicate and perfect. Our previous products were not very recognized in high-level hospitals, but we have now launched a dynamic DR product, which is comparable in function to foreign imported machines and has a relatively favorable price, and has won more and more high-level tertiary hospitals. 's approval.

China's medical equipment industry started late, and the technology and experience are insufficient. This is a reality that we must face. As a member of China's national medical device manufacturers, Anjian Technology can first find the gap between itself and international advanced manufacturers. When we face foreign imported brands, we should despise them from a strategic point of view and learn their leading things from a tactical point of view. , especially for the areas where customer experience and perception are more in place, we learn from them and surpass them.

For future planning, Anjian Technology hopes to become the absolute leading brand in China's digital medical field in the next five years, and to have a certain brand influence on a global scale; in ten years, it will gradually complete the transition from Made in China to Created in China. , to build Anjian Technology into a well-known brand in the global digital medical field, expand the influence of Chinese medical equipment products in the world, and contribute to the realization of the "Chinese Dream" of national medical equipment.